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Survivor – Running in the Wild… December 3, 2008

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ICC Nairobi is focusing on Missions in the month of December and I have been invited to preach on the 14th December in their 3 services at the West Campus.

I will be sharing on the theme, Survivor- Running in the wild and am praying and trusting God for several big wins, to Create missions Awareness, create an environment for easy involvement in missions and have people leave the service with tangible steps to take in participating in Missions.

My desire is to see people mobilized to missions involvement and aggressively pursuing to utilize their giftings, abilities and resources in fulfilling God’s mission mandate.

Now, here is the catch of this post…I need to hear from you what you think should be the best way of communicating and bringing forth the sermon to accomplish the stated wins and results. Pray, think outside the box…and give me feedback. Think about the stage, the santuary decor…the communication delivery and the sermon aids….I already have my sermon written out. I have prayed about this and I know what the Lord whats me to share. I am looking for the best way to bring it forth in order to creatively and clearly communicate what God has given me for the best results. I have a team I do this with in ICC Mombasa but Nairobi is a different ball game with a different culture and all.

Pray with me and talk to me…I am waiting



Are You Distracted? December 2, 2008

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Distractions, do you ever struggle with them? I have noticed that one of the biggest hindrances of progressing on in life is distractions. They steal your time, lead you on rabbit trails into doing things you had never intended and that will not benefit you in any way and sometimes end up being very costly.

Distractions squander our time and leave us with reduced opportunities to do the important things in life. I have been tracking the times I get distracted in order to help myself live better and as I trust God to help me become more self controlled. What I have discovered is amazing. Distractions come in all shapes and colors and sometimes we even assume they are a Godsend when in fact they are out to derail us. Think about it, the bible tells us to be very careful how we live and admonishes us to live wisely by redeeming the time or using time wisely for the days are evil. (Read Ephesians 5:15-16)

Distractions can lead to sin and end up destroying our potential and productivity all together. Our distractions can be surfing the Internet, checking and reading emails, the mobile phone or chatting online. Distractions can be more subtle like work, studying, or even talking to friends. A distraction is anything that robs you of the ability to fulfill potential, be more productive and hence robs you the chance to be who God created you to be.

Eve ate the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden because she allowed herself to be distracted into a conversation with the deceiver and ended up doubting God and His plans and it’s plainly evident how much trouble that distraction has landed the world in? I have discovered that many of my struggles today are because of distractions I have had in the past and some of them have been costly to my family and the ministry. I am grateful to God that He has rescued me and helped me to come this far and I have not been shipwrecked and destroyed like Eve and her husband Adam.

I call you today to fight off every distraction, to reach out for all that God has for you and to keep on utilizing your potential. Before you pick up your cell phone or open up your web browser, before you begin writing mail; ask yourself, is what I am doing a distraction from pursuing the life God has for me? Don’t get me wrong, emails are important and the internet is very good but everything has it’s time.

Today and in the days to come, lets walk away from distractions and seek to be everything God meant us to be. Let’s pursue Him, throw aside every weight, every discouragement, every disappointment and all other distractions that seek to block us and lead us astray. Let’s not be like Eve, Let’s battle every distraction and live life to the fullest.


Edward M. Munene


International Christian Centre Mombasa


Personal blog: www.lifession.com

Reactive or Creative? November 17, 2008

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A question I have been asking myself often is, “Am I reacting to life or creating opportunities and situations?’ Well, the words creating and reacting have the same letters but a world of difference in meaning. This also is true of the words reactive and creative.

The word reactive talks about living life reacting to circumstances and situations. It is greatly influenced by the current affairs, current circumstances, current pressures and never able to really change situations and live differently. Most people who spend time whining and complaining tend to be very reactive. In contrast, people who are  creative look at their current situations and begin changing and altering these in order to line them up with theirr goals and where they know they need to be going. Rather than complain as a reaction to their surroundings, they seek to change situations. They create solutions, transform circumstances and many times, it’s not just about them. They help others to.

Think about Jesus and His disciples (Mark 4:35-41), they were caught up in a life threatening storm. The disciples panicked and begun doing all they could to save themselves. They woke up Jesus in desperation, complaining why He was still sleeping while they drowned. Jesus wakes up and “creates” a new environment and then turns around to rebuke the disciples for lack of faith. In other words, He was simply telling them, “You did not need to panic and react to the storm, you should have changed the circumstances by creating a different set of conditions by faith”.

Sounds simplistic but when we pause long enough to consider our lives, we begin to realize that most often than not, we behave like the disciples. When we are in trouble, we fret and cry and complain. We seek out friends to help us rather than turning to God first. We complain about the things that are wrong in our current challenges, current circumstances, current troubles and never get to ask ourselves, how can I change all these?

To change from being a reactive person to a creative one, we need to always seek the All creative God for His help, wisdom and guidance. God has an unlimited number of ways of dealing with and changing any situation. He is the Almighty and omniscient God.  Remember, nothing is impossible with God.

The second thing to do in order to be a creative rather than a reactive person is to set goals. It is important to explore the days ahead and prayerfully set goals of what we want to accomplish in the days ahead. When challenging situations come, those who have clear goals keep on going and are able to deal with the current challenges and still accomplish their goals.

When we live each day seeking God’s will and guidance and pursuing our goals, the current challenges and situations begin to change as we create rather than react. It is my prayer that you will lift up your eyes from the current and begin to forge ahead pursuing God’s will for your life. Don’t let the current stop you from being who you were meant to be and from pursuing that which God has for you. Financial challenges, high cost of living, relationship troubles and whatever else you may be facing should not stop you from living in God’s will. Victory is yours if you will rise up by faith to create rather than react.


Apprentice Connection October 27, 2008

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It was such a wonderful climax yesterday. Through the month of October, ICC Mombasa was engaging our present day culture with the sermon series, “24 – Every second counts” and yesterday was the climax with the sermon entitled, “Apprentice Connection”.

The theme was derived from the following verses, Mathew 4:9 Next the devil took Him to the peak of a very high mountain and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory. “I will give it all to You,” he said, “if You will kneel down and worship me.”

The devil wanted to recruit Jesus to be his apprentice by dangling the carrot of riches, kingdoms adn the glory they bring but Jesus refused and rebuked him. Just like the enemy tempted Jesus, he is busy at work tempting and trying to derail us from God’s will for our lives by recruiting us to fall for the carrot.

Think about it, men and women continue to sell their values and lives literally to chase some more money through programs such as the Big Brother.

We left the service with a commitment to stay true to what God has for us, to refuse to fall for the devil’s schemes and to seek to please and serve the Lord, making every second to count for God’s glory.

While we are at it, we begin a new series, “Explore” in the month of November.

I am so grateful to God for what He is doing at ICC Mombasa, the growth, the creativity and impact we are having.

Praise God with me.

Let’s Up Our Game October 5, 2008

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September has come to an end and just to remind you, 9 months of the year 2008 are already gone. As we get ready to take on the final three months of the year, it’s a good time to take stock of the goals and dreams we had set to accomplish in 2008. What has not been done yet can still be done.

Nothing is impossible with God and remember, it is never over until it’s over.

It’s easy to look at the year 2008 with discouragement, it’s been a hard year of turmoil, high inflation and many struggles but faith causes us to look at the year differently and see the favor of God, a country brought back from the brink of disaster, an improving economy and the grace of God that has brought us this far. The same God who has taken care of us and brought us this far is alive and well and will continue to lead us into the days and months ahead. He will causes us to triumph and help us to do much more than we can ever think of or imagine because He is at work in our lives. When we place our faith in God and allow Him to lead the way, we will triumph and live our lives for His glory. Let’s renew our faith and confidence in God and finish of this year stronger than ever.

Let’s up our Game.