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About Me

My Name is Edward Munene, a husband, father and Pastor of International Christian Centre Mombasa. I planted the church beginning of January 2008 and its been an exciting Journey so far. I served as a pastor with International Christian Centre in Nairobi Kenya before relocating to Mombasa to pursue God’s mission and the vision that He laid in my heart.

I love reading, writing and enjoy thoroughly the opportunity to motivate people to seeking and fulfilling God’s will for their lives. I view writing as part of what the Lord has called me to do. I have written a weekly devotional for the ICC website for six years now and will continue to write a weekly devotional from the ICC Mombasa website, www.icc-mombasa.org

To receive my weekly devotional, just go to the ICC Mombasa website and sign up to receive the devotional.

Thank you for visiting my blog.


Pastor Edward



1. Levi Mutambi - May 21, 2008

Good job and authentic.I can spiritually identify with alot in your journey.
Praying for you and yours
Levi Mutambi
Worship Department
ICC Nairobi

2. lifession - May 21, 2008

Thanks Levi, I appreciate the prayers and encouraging remarks.


3. Pea - May 22, 2008

Pastor Ed, thanks for visiting my blog… and for praying for me, I appreciate it! I just prayed for you too – thanks for taking the time to blog and share what God lays on your heart in a place where those of us who are away from home can come and learn as well. God bless and keep you. Shalom.

4. lifession - May 22, 2008

Thanks Pea,

I enjoyed reading your blog. It’s a nice read with thought provoking insights.

5. kenya - May 23, 2008

Pastor Ed,

My prayer for you is that you fulfill your mission to its specification, careful not to add to or subtract from it, except with your Lord’s permission, for, don’t we only get the resources necessary to accomplish the items laid out in the Lord’s Biz plan, and get rewarded ONLY for that which was in that plan?

You are always blessed!


6. Kendi - May 26, 2008

Hey Pasi,

To say you are a blessing is an understatement. May God continue to expand you, I am praying with you and your family even as you endeavor to walk as the Lord leads.

Blessings mob!

7. lifession - May 26, 2008

Thank Kendi,

You are a blessing too.

I appreciate you and thanks for the kind words

8. shirleen - May 29, 2008

Hi pastor,
I have never met you personally but I had the pleasure to listen to you preach at ICC Nairobi just before you left for Mombasa (by then I had just joined ICC) though you left shortly after I have never forgotten your words of encouragement and how you brought forth God’s word that anyone is able to understand. Thank you for all and May God keep you and your family. Praying for you.

9. Moses - June 8, 2008

Past Ed…you have always been aspiring to me and family since the days at Nbi ICC. Your sermon days are unforgettable. Its a while ago since but have kept on following your growth and i have been blessed. The sermon clips from Msa ICC are every endearing particularly for me far away from home, relatives and friends. Am not sure you know me personnaly but it feels like i am at home listening to the sermon clips. You remain tops in my prayer list.

10. Beverly - June 20, 2008

Passy EDDY!
you may never remember me butiam greatful you are my pastor you are in mombasa i came to kisumu but i always miss all your sermon . iget all the devotions and this devotion of beeing pessimistic is really cahalanging, sometimes we fear yet God expects us to be who he designed us to be iam working on that attitude i wanna be like God cos he has made us in his own image, so we should achieve aall thta he wants us to achieve.
i know God will use you to greter heights i remember during kesha in Nairobi i would doze off sometimes and then when you start preaching you removed the hell of sleeping out of me and some of my frinds we will never forget this, use your voice for the glory of God, preach as if tommorrow will not be their .
Say hi to wife Ruth and the little beautiful girls.
God bless
Beverly kaluli

11. Lawrence - July 19, 2008

Hi Pastor,
I have been looking for you since the time we met at NIC Nyali Nakumatt. I gave you my business card and thought you would call me. But thank God I found you again through a friend who told me about the ICCM website. I will be praying with you beginning tomorrow.
Do you know that am one of the many people you have baptised at ICC?
Rabana ibarik.
Shukran lek.

12. lifession - July 22, 2008

Wow, thanks Lawrence. It’s good to remember of the people I have been privileged to minister to.

Sorry for not calling. I am gald you found me.


13. Stephen Mburu - September 16, 2008

It’s amazing how God puts men and women along the way to be able to inspire you into your God given destiny. I am truly blessed to see how pastor Ed you have continued to serve God unswervingly. I can tell within my spirit that there has been tremedous growth in your journey with God and ministry. Iam not saying this to exite coz it has been ages since I met you.My prayer as an upcoming minister is that I will be able to follow as the scripture says men like you who through faith and patience have obtained the promise(joy of impacting men).I can promise we will be meeting more in your site since I have just subscribed. I haven’t fully dug into the messages but the least I have gone through have life flowing in them and my appetite is high to partake more of what the Lord has laid in yor heart. GOD BLESS YOU!

14. Boaz Sikobe - October 22, 2008

Hallo passy,
Kudos for the great job that you are doing. You are encouraging many souls including myself. Actually you’re changing the world. You are living the mission and vision of ICC. Be encouraged because we are praying for you. May God bless you big.

15. Susan Mutugi- Mulli - December 13, 2008

Hey Pasi,

It really really feels good to be here and to talk to you and to know that I’m talking to someone who has been there for me at very difficult times. I’m miles away but i feel like I’m back home, talking to those who know me, to those that I’m connected to. You are a big blessing to Ben and myself. We really thank God for you and for the role you played in preparing us for marriage.We dont write as often as we should but we always remember you and pray for you.
I’m excited to see the growth in ICC Mombasa…indeed our God is faithful! Pass our love to Ruth, Sarah and Grace and I’ll holla you one of these days.

Baraka kibao!

16. Josh - January 15, 2009

Niaje Passi,
its nice of you to share the living word as it is. God bless you Kingly.
Your son,

17. Lucy - February 10, 2009

Hi Passy,

I am truly blessed by your weekly devotions that you have written and the sermons. It takes humility to be where you are and one thing I am sure of is that God is bringing a mighty change in this City and He is using His most faithful servants who are ready to obey His voice and soldier on no matter what may stand along our way. May the Lord strengthen you and your family as we continue trusting Him for our daily upkeep.

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